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Jaka Tingkir

His real name is Mas Karèbèt, son or Ki Ki Ageng Pengging Kebo Kenanga. When he was born, his father was performing wayang beber with puppeteer Ki Ageng Tingkir. [1] Both of these are students ki ageng Sheikh Siti Jenar. Coming home from a performer, Ki Ageng Tingkir fell ill and died.

Ten years later, Ki Ageng Pengging sentenced to death for allegedly rebelling against the kingdom of Demak. As executor punishment is Sunan Kudus. After the death of her husband, Nyai Ageng Pengging fell ill and died anyway. Since then, Mas Karebet taken as a foster child Nyai Ageng Tingkir (widow Ki Ageng Tingkir).

Mas Karebet grown into a young man who likes to meditate, and Jaka called Tingkir. His first teacher was Sunan Kalijaga. He also studied at Ki Ageng Sela, and three grandchildren dipersaudarakan with Ki Ageng ie, Ki spokesman Martani, Ki Ageng archery, and Ki Panjawi.

Genealogy Jaka Tingkir:

Andayaningrat (unknown nasabnya) + Pembayun Queen (Daughter of King UB) → Kebo ylang (Son Andayaningrat) + Nyai Ageng Pengging → Mas Karebet / Jaka Tingkir
Devoted to Demak

Tanah Jawi subsequent chronicle recounts, Jaka Tingkir want to dedicate to the capital city of Demak. There he stayed home Kyai Gandamustaka (brother Nyi Ageng Tingkir) is a nurse-ranking headman Ganjur Demak Mosque. Jaka Tingkir intelligent sympathy Demak Trenggana king so he was appointed head of Demak-ranking soldier headman wiratamtama.

Some time later, Jake Tingkir charge admission selecting recruits. There was a suitor named Dadungawuk a proud and ostentatious. Jaka Tingkir Dadungawuk test his power and killed simply by using Sadak Kinang. As a result, Jake Tingkir was dismissed from the army and expelled from Demak.

Jaka Tingkir then studied at Ki Ki Ageng Banyubiru or Kebo Kanigoro (father's elder brother / sister late father). After graduating, he returned to the three disciples Demak with the other, which Manca Mas, Mas Wila, and Ki Wuragil.

Jaka Group Tingkir down the river using a raft Kedung Sunrise. Appears herd stealth crocodile attacked them but it can be conquered. In fact, the herd is then helped push the raft to the destination.

At that Trenggana family was traveling in Mount Prawoto. Jaka Tingkir off a mad bull named as Kebo Danu was given a mantra (given a burial ground in the ears). Buffalo rampage attacking the king's rest house, where no soldiers were able to hurt him.

Jaka Tingkir appear to face the buffalo crazy. The buffalo was easily killed. For his services, the Trenggana lifted back into ravine wiratamtama Tingkir Jaka.

The story in the Chronicle as if only metaphorically, that after being fired, Jaka Tingkir creating unrest in Demak, and he appeared as a hero who suppress it. Therefore, he also gained the sympathy king again.
Become King of Display

Achievement Jaka Tingkir very bright although not explicitly described in the Annals Land Jawi. It can be seen by appointment Jaka Tingkir as Duke Duke Adiwijaya Display title. He also married Queen Cempaka Mas, daughter Trenggana.

Trenggana After the death in 1546, his son who holds Sunan Prawoto should ascend the throne, but then he was killed by Arya Penangsang (cousin in Jipang) in 1549. Arya Penangsang killed because previous Prawoto Sunan Sunan Prawoto killed because the father had also killed Aryo Penangsang named Prince Sekar Seda Lepen when he completed his Asr prayers on the banks of the Bengawan afternoon. Sekar is the younger brother Prince Trenggana are also the first student Sunan Kudus. These killings carried out by using Kiai Kris Kober Satan. Besides Aryo Penangsang also killed the husband of the Queen of Prince Attends Kalinyamat the regent of Jepara.

Then Aryo Penangsang sent messengers to kill Adiwijaya in Pajang, but failed. Precisely Adiwijaya entertain the killers well, and give them a gift to embarrass Arya Penangsang.

After the death of her husband, Queen Kalinyamat (Sunan sister Prawoto) Adiwijaya urge to crush Aryo Penangsang because he only equivalent to miracle Jipang the duke. Adiwijaya reluctant to fight Aryo Penangsang directly because the same family and is the brother seperguruan Demak both students Sunan Kudus.

So, Adiwijaya contest was held. Anyone can kill Aryo Penangsang will gain ground Starch and Mentaok / Mataram as a gift.

The competition followed by two grandchildren Ki Ageng Sela, namely archery and Ki Ki Ageng Panjawi. In war, Messiah Martani Ki (brother-in-law Ki Ageng archery) managed to put together so cleverly that tactic Sutawijaya (Son Ki Ageng archery) can be killed Arya Penangsang after jabbing spears Kyai Plered when Aryo Penangsang cross Bengawan afternoon with horse riding males Rimang Crow.

After the events in 1549, the center was later moved to the royal Display with Hadiwijaya as the first king. Demak then made Duchy with the child Suan Prawoto Adipatinya

Hadiwijaya also raised his comrades in government. Mas Manca be titled duke duke Abroad, while Mas Wila and Ki-ranking minister Ngabehi Wuragil made.
Oath of allegiance Ki Ageng Mataram

As per the agreement contest, Ki Panjawi gain and hold ground Pati Pati Ki Ageng. Meanwhile, Ki Ageng archery still waiting because it seems to delay the delivery of land Hadiwijaya Mataram.

Until 1556, the land was still being held Adiwijaya Mataram. Ki Ageng archery hesitate to ask. Kalijaga Sunan as teachers appeared as the second arbitrator's disciples. Apparently, the reason for the delay was due to the reward Adiwijaya anxiety when hearing Sunan Prapen prediction that would be born to a kingdom of Mataram were able to beat greatness Display. Prophecy he heard when he was sworn in as king after the death of Arya Penangsang.

Sunan Adiwijaya Kalijaga ask that keeping promises because he is a role model as a king of the people. In contrast, Ki Ageng archery are also required swear allegiance to Display. Ki Ageng willing. So, was willing to give up land Adiwijaya Mataram was adopted sister.

Soil is a former ancient kingdom of Mataram, Mataram kingdom named the now closed forest named Alas Mentaok. Ki Ageng archery family, including Ki Martani Savior, open forest into the village of Mataram. Although only a village but is autonomous fief or sima. Ki Ageng archery which then holds Ki Ageng Mataram, overlooking Display only required routinely as evidence of loyalty without having to pay taxes and tribute.
Subduing East Java

When the throne, power Adiwijaya only includes the Central Java region, because after the death Trenggana, many areas subordinates Demak escape.

Countries in East Java who are members of the Guild Bang Wetan Duke was led by Flag Wiryakrama regent Surabaya. Guild duke is facing the threat of invasion from different directions, namely Pajang, Madura, and Blambangan.

In 1568 Sunan Giri Kedaton Prapen authorities to mediate a meeting between the king Hadiwijaya Pajang over the country they lead. As a sign of political ties, Panji Wiryakrama Adiwijaya taken as law.

In addition, Adiwijaya also managed to subdue the island of Madura after authorities named Raden Pratanu title Panembahan Weak Duwur Arosbaya become law.

In a meeting in 1568 that, for the first time Sunan Prapen Ki Ageng archery meet for the second time and predicted that would be conquered Display Ki Ageng Mataram through the descent.

Hearing this prophecy, Adiwijaya no longer felt anxious because he gave everything to the will of fate.
Rebellion Sutawijaya

Sutawijaya Ki Ageng archery is the son who is also a foster child Hadiwijaya. After the death of his father in 1575, Sutawijaya became the new ruler of Mataram, and given the right to not overlook for a full year.

When a year had passed and Sutawijaya not come before. Adiwijaya send Ngabehi Wilamarta and Ngabehi Wuragil to inquire loyalty Mataram. They found Sutawijaya be less polite and was trying to rebel. However, two senior officials were clever reassuring Adiwijaya through their reports delivered subtly.

The years passed. Adiwijaya heard Mataram progress more rapidly. He was again sent envoys to investigate Sutawijaya loyalty. This time the left is Prince Benawa (crown prince), Arya Pamalad (son who became duke of Tuban), and Patih Abroad. All three were treated to a feast by Sutawijaya. In the middle of a party crowd, the eldest son, Raden Rangga Sutawijaya killed a soldier who urged Arya Pamalad Tuban. Arya Pamalad himself early Sutawijaya not like the family.

So when he got Pajang, Arya Pamalad reported Sutawijaya ugliness, while Prince Benawa explained that the murder was just an accident. Hadiwijaya receive both the report and try to restrain myself.

In the year 1582 a nephew who lives in Pajang Sutawijaya, named Raden Pabelan sentenced to death for daring to infiltrate into the keputrian meet Queen Sekar Kedaton (Adiwijaya youngest daughter). Pabelan father named Hero Mayang sentenced for allegedly helping dispose of her.

Mrs. Raden Pabelan Sutawijaya sister who is asking for help to Mataram. Sutawijaya also sent messengers to seize Hero disposal Mayang way to Semarang.

Sutawijaya act that justifies Hadiwijaya to attack Mataram. The war had erupted between the two sides. Display troops stationed in Prambanan with greater amounts, but suffered defeat. Adiwijaya getting shaken to hear of Mount Merapi erupts suddenly and lava come crashing Display troops fighting near the mountain.

Adiwijaya withdraw its troops retreated. On the way home, he stopped by the grave of Sunan Tembayat but was unable to open the gate. It was regarded as a premonition that his end soon.

Adiwijaya continue the journey home. On the way he fell from the back of the elephant mount, so it should be carried on a stretcher. Arriving at Pajang, ghosts come Sutawijaya men named Ki Savior State beat Adiwijaya chest, make the pain worse.

Adiwijaya intestate so that the boys and daughter who hates Sutawijaya not there, because of the war between the Display and Mataram believed as destiny. Additionally, Sutawijaya itself was adopted Adiwijaya he regards as the oldest son. In folklore states that actually Sutawijaya is the biological child with the child Adiwijaya Ki Ageng Sela.

Adiwijaya Tingkir aka Jaka eventually died in 1582 was. He was buried in the village of Need, the hometown of his biological mother.

Hadiwijaya had several children. Among other daughters married to Panji Wiryakrama Surabaya, Raden Pratanu Madura, and Arya Pamalad Tuban. The oldest daughter married to Aryan Pangiri Demak regent. Arya is actually a child Pangiri Prawoto Sunan, which should indeed replace Trenggana be king of Demak.

Arya Pangiri Holy Panembahan backed (substitute Sunan Kudus) to become king. Prince Benawa the crown prince became regent Jipang removed. Arya Pangiri became the new king on the throne Ngawantipura Display the name.

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